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July 10 2017

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July 09 2017

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Von Karimmi Auf die Melodie von Biene Maja.

In einem kleinen Vektorraum, unendlich war die Dimension, gab´s eine Form, man glaubt es kaum, verträglich mit der Addition.
Und diese Bilinearform ist nicht ausgeartet, und symmetrisch, ganz so wie erwartet. Auch der Körper, der ist toll, er ist nämlich ständig voll.
Die Form ist positivlich definit, und deshalb als Skalarprodukt verwendbar, weshalb dies die Norm von Euklid liefert, somit wird das Vektorräumchen
schließlich zu einem Hilbertraum.

Wenn ich in diesem Hilbertraum auf einer Vektorwiese steh', gibt's etwas, das ich noch nicht seh, drum steige ich auf einen Baum.
Von oben seh ich all die kleinen Vektorpfeile, während ich ein wenig dort verweile, zähl' ich manche davon ab, und mach' erst bei unendlich schlapp.
Sogar in jeder noch so kleinen off'nen Menge stehen die Gezählten im Gedränge. Endlich weiß ich, wie's hier aussieht: Ja, der Raum ist separabel, also ist's einfach der l2.
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Das Einhorn sitzt wieder in seiner Höhle und kifft.
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Ai Weiwei artwork in movement by Ziye Liu

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A young girl plays in a replica of a lunar-module in Toronto, Canada, August 1975.Photograph by Robert Madden, National Geographic Creative

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I’m so tired of being sick, but new Yuri on Ice episode had me happy and I really really love these 2 bbs together. 

I’m still trying to catch up on Inktober so this is a submission for that too. I used col-erase pencils & Hi Tec-C 0.3 pen (brown)

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July 08 2017


protecting password input with acoustic one-time-pads

think of a situation where you sit in the tram next to someone and you want to unlock your portable device. it’s pretty stupid that anyone (including surveillance cameras) who watches you typed can basically see your password. the same problem occurs on stationary computers when you are (*gasp*) not alone in the room. this is a proposal of a fairly simple way of encrypting a password on it’s way from your brain to the computer.   here is my solution:
  1. for easy in-brain encryption we recommend a hexadecimal numeric password. let’s take “5A491C6E” as an example. of course, important passwords should be longer. a hexadecimal keypads offer decent data rate on a small area and it’s regularity helps visualizing the encryption.
  2. when being prompted to enter the password (for example tapping on the “enter password” field) you are given a random digit over the headphone. that is the key for encrypting the first digit.
  3.  you remember the first digit of you password (5) and add it to the digit you just got over your headphone (let’s say it’s 2) and add them (7). don’t carry anything, if you get “13″ just enter the “3″.
  4. you type in your result on the keypad. you recieve the next random digit to encrypt the next digit of the password and so on. with some practice, this should go pretty quickly.
  5. as you type it in, the device can decrypt each digit with the key it gave you. you hit enter and you’re finished.
the key you recieve acts as a one-time-pad, which is, in itself, resistant to cryptoanalysis. much more importantly, it is easily performed in the head. the key might be spoken by voice synthesis or might be encoded with tones in some way.   obviously everyone who hears what you’re hearing and sees what you type can still decypher your password. it should be transmitted as quietly as possible. sound-insulating headphones are very advantageous. other possible attack vectors would be the head phone cable’s electromagnetic emmissions or involuntary gestures or eye movements that may perhaps reveal the key or password (training should help with that). but any of these measures are much harder than watching a person type. and, of course, insecure hardware and software (in particular proprietary operating systems) can offer volunerabilities or back doors on their own. this image may help illustrate the process: Image
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scene i’ve been imagining a lot lately: guy orders a big mac from mcdonalds and asks the person at the counter “hey how do you eat this?” and the cashier says “you bite off a piece of it and chew it and swallow it” and the customer says “i see…just like at the other mcdonalds”

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